Mini Vaporizer

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A compact vaporizer , specially designed for users who consume LPG up-to 40 kg/hr only. This is perfectly suitable for LOT installations for LPG for restaurant, kitchen, company canteen, bakeries, and so on. It is wall mounting type, thus not occupying any floor space.

The design incorporates a stainless steel coil for heat transfer, through which LPG flows. It is enclosed in a water chamber, wherein water is heated using electrical heater.

A thermal controlled valve is fitted in LPG liquid inlet line to vapouriser. It senses water temperature and allows LPG liquid into vapouriser only when water temperature reaches 50° C.

In low consumption situation, water temperature will rise. The heater will get cut off at 75 ° C.

Heater is easy to access.

In case hot water supply can be provided from users plant, this vaporizer can be supplied without heater.

Safety features

  1. All electrical items enclosed in flameproof enclosure.
  2. Safety valves provided on LPG and water sides.
  3. Manual overside provided for water safety relief valve.
  4. LPG liquid supply stops if water temperature falls below set temperature.
  5. Water heater is cut off if water temperature crosses set temperature.
  6. Water chamber & LPG coil made of SS 304 to avoid corrosion.

Technical Specification

Capacity:           20, 30, 40 kg/hr

Service:             LPG

Heating load:      2 KW, 3 KW , 4 KW

Power supply:     230 VAC

Material of construction

LPG coil                     SS 304

Water chamber           SS 304

Heater housing            Aluminium

Hydrotest: LPG coil 38 bar, Water chamber 4.5 bar

Pneumatic Test:  LPG coil – 7 bar

Water quality: Use potable water.